Humble Beginnings

don’t use clichés in your writing

Well, it’s my writing isn’t it? I believe clichés exist precisely because they communicate concepts so incredibly well. After all, why would a phrase stay around if it wasn’t effective.

The title of this “story” is intended to place context around the nature of posts that I will make here.

…and so it begins

Name: Aaron Yih

Occupation: Student at UCLA

Age: 19

Interests: Life, people, deep talks, technology, entrepreneurship, health, fitness, tea, self-improvement

Just go ahead and swipe left if you’re only here for a one night stand. But seriously. This Medium is a longitudinal study on myself that I’m hoping readers like you will gain insights from, so it only works if you follow along as I write, not read bits and pieces here and there.

let me help you

is about the worst way I can put this, but again you know exactly what I mean. My life is strange, and no doubt everyone’s lives are strange. The difference is that I’m going to give you a perspective on the world from inside college, giving you a nitty gritty look at what goes on inside a college student’s brain.


yea, it doesn’t get interesting until


I’m different from most college students (especially first years), but I can’t really explain how because I know that showing is the only way to convince people. As you read my posts, you will be able to form your own opinions about how I fit into the world around me, and in doing so, I expect you will learn quite a lot about yourself as well.

A few things that I expect you will pick up from my stories are:

  • a heightened sense of self-awareness
  • an appreciation of who you are
  • companionship with humanity
  • an appreciation for life
  • different ways to look at life
  • a better understanding of humanity in general
  • a better understanding of yourself

A few things that you will most likely not get from this Medium:

  • lists of bad habits to break or characteristics to strive for
  • polished and heavily revised posts
  • “how to” guides
  • what you should do with your life

so without further or due

Let’s embark on our journey.

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