My self as a house:-

This is a house where the beauty of the soul, the warmth of the sun, the sprinkles of the downfall, and the incent of the life lives.
Although the entrance seems to be as cold as ice; because the welcoming petras are the support of the reside.
Ironically a sparkling cheerful chirping, melodiously informs about the guests arrived; with a dewy of happiness inside!
The wooden frame work is giving an astonishing view to the walls; and the countless number of rooms never fails to account.
Yet 4 only owns it for now. A mysterious surprise is what the house willingly waiting for!
The calming aura of the place also exchanges its vibes with the outer world by the big glass windows, welcoming the magical sun rays and spreading the power its aura to the other world passing by.
The endless rest zones are always wonderful, but my favourite part lies in the sweet study room that delights.
Even if one offers for a free renovation, then also my answers gonna be 'No'.
What other can give this much happiness then discovering something new every minute!
Many suggested to leave the place, as you are getting addicted to it,
but it's as impossible as to replenish any old relationship!

A passionate freelance writer with a unique power of imagination & creativity.

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Aradhya Khushboo

Aradhya Khushboo

A passionate freelance writer with a unique power of imagination & creativity.

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