There are 2 types of people in the world. First, those who can accept and adapt to changes easily, and the second, who may or may not accept changes, but find it difficult to adapt to them. I belong to the second category. This is maybe because I get way too attached to things/people easily. As far as adapting to changes is concerned, it depends on what the change is. I can adapt to a new pillow (Yeah, a new pillow) in about 2 weeks, but if I have to change the bed which I sleep on, it may take a few weeks, or even months. Sometimes we have no option but to make friends with the change and accept it with a smile, OR, be grumpy about it and make life miserable. Currently, I’m stuck in a very delicate phase of life. College just ended, and I’ve started working at an Advertisement Agency. Imagine the ‘changes’ I’m encountering at the moment! I was waiting for college to get over, ever since I was in the First year. I hated college. I didn’t hate college days, but I hated my college. One fine day, it ended. 2 weeks passed. 4 weeks passed. A few friends started moving out of town/country for further studies/jobs. I suddenly realized, there is NOTHING better than college life. Why? What can possibly be better than NOT having exams?! We have responsibilities, both as a student and as a 9–5 guy. But the difference in these responsibilities, oh boy, very vast!

It is now that I’ve understood the importance of FRIENDS! In college, we used to spend almost the entire day with friends and do everything together. Now? We need to find time to meet them. The role of friends is replaced with ‘colleagues’. It’s rare to find colleagues that you’re compatible with. Thus, ‘I’m bored’ becomes a common term. In college, if you fail to submit an assignment, or bunk and get caught, what’s the worst that could happen? Punishment? Yeah, like we were ever scared of them! Teachers kicking you out of the class? You become an instant hero, and get to spend an hour in the canteen! Win-win! Try doing these at your job (unless it’s your dad’s company), and you’ll regret it for a long time. Feeling sleepy? Bunk away! Your friends will make sure they fill in a proxy for you. Try doing that at your workplace; your salary will be affected! You didn’t have to think twice before pulling an All-nighter or to enjoy a late night football match with friends. Now, you simply can’t compromise on your sleep. These are just a FEW changes that I’ve highlighted, there are many more. Now, the most depressing part: These changes are experienced by everyone, even your closest friends. This changes the entire nature of the relationship! I’m not saying that the bond is affected, but as life goes on, you can never go back to THAT type of a bond. I don’t think it’s easy to accept and adapt to such a big change! What we choose now as a career, will shape the next 50 years of our lives. So much to achieve, but so much to be left behind; So much to gain, but so much more to lose! This is a price we will have to pay for moving forward in life!