Customer Retention

Attract & Retain Subscribers with Telecom Management Solutions

The telecom sector has been serving as the growth, innovation, & disruption epicenter for almost every industry. Advancement of connectivity technologies and mobile devices are the key to drive the momentum of video streaming, mobile payments, IoT, and similar trends. Operators need to keep pace with the evolving expectations of customers using the right telecom management solutions to achieve success.

For efficient wireless services, you need to connect all the channels with unified knowledge of products & services, along with personalized engagements. However, the main challenge is to maintain the consistency of experience across the business scale, which is the key to customer loyalty.
Now the question is; how to achieve that? The answer is quite simple. Invest in research to create the desired set of products & services, and deliver quality services with the right set of software solutions.

Telecom Device Management

An Ovum report, Telecoms, Media, & Entertainment Outlook 2015 predicts an increase in the number of global mobile subscribers by 1.8 billion from 2013–15 at 4.2% CAGR. Mobile operators need to implement tools to manage the growing number of mobile subscribers and their varied device types.

Wireless data service providers need to deploy telecom management solutions to manage subscriber devices. OTA device management allows operators to update software on end-user devices, remotely. Not only this, over-the-air management tools allow service providers promote offers & new services, direct users to the desired content, and generate more revenue.

Self Service Tools

Along with the network coverage & product/service, subscribers value the ability to manage their accounts on their own as a vital factor to differentiate operators. Forrester report states the rising dominance of online self service, observing a rise in self-service interactions available on the website as well as mobile phones. While web self-service increased from 67% in 2012 to 76% in 2014, use of online forums and virtual agents rose from 31% to 56% and 28% to 58% during the same period.

However, telecom self care options need to be accompanied by an agent-assisted service to deliver quality services & complete satisfaction for subscribers. Further, driving insights can help you gather and prepare a list of the queries subscribers want a resolution to, over a self-care channel. With this, you can deliver a personalized service and enable smart engagement with subscribers, by dynamically updating your self-service database.

Knowledge Management for Self Service

According to Gartner, “Knowledge management is the key to your customer self-service strategy. Integrating knowledge management into customer self-service yields tangible & intangible benefits.”

Since the complexity of consumer services has increased with the advancement of mobile technologies, a knowledge base is now becoming more essential. Along with allowing operators deliver better services, an integrated solution helps reduce costs & boosts productivity as well.

A knowledge management platform with inbuilt reporting & analytics tools helps gather insights into popular queries that can be solved without agent interaction. This helps boost the proficiency of a telecom company’s self-service strategy, and reduce support costs as well.

Empowering Employees with the Required Knowledge

Many productivity tools are available for businesses to improve the efficiency of their employees. However, when dealing with customer services (particularly when solving end-user complaints), access to the right knowledge is vital. With this, a customer service representative is more empowered, and resolves end-user queries with ease.

An Ovum study observed that 12% of smartphone users would migrate to another operator, if they have a bad experience with their current service provider. Thus, brand representatives need to have the right knowledge in-hand to deliver a positive customer experience. This can be achieved easily with an integrated knowledge management software with other support solutions, like device management & self-care.

Boost Brand Loyalty with Better Solutions

The Telecoms, Media, & Entertainment Outlook 2015 report by Ovum further predicts a huge potential of revenue from global mobile services. The market is expected to reach $1.1 trillion by 2019, at a CAGR of 2.3% from $957 in 2013. While most of the smartphone users prefer contacting their operator to get their problems resolved, inability to meet end-user expectations could lead to churn.

However, operators need access to advanced support & telecom management solutions discussed above helps service providers deliver better services. This, in turn, helps operators attract a higher brand value and customer loyalty, attracting more subscribers and revenue.

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Thus, access to the right tools and solutions is essential if you are willing to deliver a modern customer experience. View more details here, in order to know more about how and what solutions can help operators deliver quick resolutions, improve customer loyalty & brand value, reducing churn.