Who is Kind, what is kindness?

She was engrossed in a conversation when a little poor looking malnourished girl, came by her side with small balloons in her hands. She avoided her saying she didn’t want balloons. Beyond the noise of the road and the meaningless chatter, she heard, “I want water…” She looked at the girl and got her a pouch of water. She saw the girl drink it hurriedly, and disappearing in the dark. After a while, the girl appeared again, “I too want water!” Her innocence beamed. “But I just got you water!” “No, she was my twin sister..” The girl said.

She didn’t care if the girl was lying. How could you deny someone of water? She got her another pouch and again saw her drinking it hurriedly and walking towards darkness.

In a minute, two absolutely identical looking little girls stood in front of her. With smiles on their faces, they gave her a red, heart shaped balloon. “No, I don’t want this.” She smiled and said.

“This is a gift.” One of them said, they smiled again, and left her with that balloon, on that crowded road, smiling like a baby, smitten with love and mixed emotions.

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