Break all the rules my darling, create your own

My darling you know you are the other half of my heart, the voice of reason in my head, the comforting arms around me. We are each other’s mirrors, each other’s biggest fans and each other’s sources of strength. We’ve watched each other’s families crumble and mend back together, we’ve witnessed each other’s hearts break over lost lovers and friends, we’ve been there to celebrate our achievements and pick each other up when we fall. When all hope was lost, we gave each other something to believe in. To make something of ourselves, proving to ourselves that we are going to change the world.

My sister, we’ve come a long way. We’ve explored multiple paths of our minds because of our naturally inquisitive brains; we’ve discussed philosophy and religion by melting our hearts together; we’ve discovered each other’s destinies through prophesying life’s true meaning.

One of the foundations of our friendship is this: We believe in the deeper connection of the past and the present, we know how to learn from our mistakes and how to create better futures. We are romantics because we believe in ourselves and the in the power of art.

As I am your mirror reflection, I know your pain, I know where you are hurting and I know what you are scared of. Never ever forget these words: for as long as I live I will be there to fight your demons with you. I know there are things that will never be forgotten and maybe they’re not meant to be. But know that I will always be right by your side to share your burdens, hold you when you need to cry and pick you up so you can fight again. I know you’re scared of the future and where your life is going to end up but you also know that you’re not one of those people that lets life happen to them — you are a warrior and you have proven that taking The Road Less Travelled, has been the greatest decision you’ve ever made. You’ve proved those that didn’t believe in you that you are a force to be reckoned with and the fact that you are still proving them wrong just shows what a powerful human being you are. Break all the rules my darling, create your own.

There are so many more things to say and I will try my best to vocalize them whenever I can. You are one of the people that instilled in me the power of the spoken word (maybe that’s why we’re both writers) and thus I felt these words had to be said. Even if you knew all of this before, these words will always be with you. Read over them whenever you have a shed of doubt within yourself because in my eyes, you will always be divine. I will always be here to remind you of the power of your mind and your heart.

Few people are as lucky as us to find our soulmates in each other and I want you to know that without a doubt, you are mine as I am yours, forever.

‘Thank you’ seems like such an insufficient way to thank you for changing my life. One of those irritating times that the English language fails us. But until we create a word that describes my undying gratitude, thank you for everything you know you’ve been for me.

Yours till the end of Time,