God Forbid

God Forbid we share genuine laughter with a loved one who we were foolish enough to let enter our hearts;

God Forbid we have days that we don’t pretend there is nothing weighing down on our shoulders in burden;

God Forbid we shed painful tears in anguish and remorse for times that we wished we didn’t say ‘God Forbid’

No, because we are taught that to be hollow is to be strong

That showing emotion means showing your weakness

‘Don’t let anything get to you’ is a phrase I hear more and more

From my friends, my parents, my teachers

The youth of today have their emotions ripped out of them with their innocence

Their childhood years deplete more with each passing generation;

The average age for frown lines to appear on foreheads draws nearer and nearer and-

Before you know it: we will all be a people of cold hearts, empty souls and mechanized expression

Isn’t it ironic that we have moved away from monochrome motion pictures to technicolor 3D films?

From dial-up Internet to global Wi-Fi access;

From fixed rotary machines to high-speed, multitasking smartphones

And yet — now we go from Sunday family dinners to annual Christmas Skype calls;

From goodnight kisses to monthly allowances;

From brothers to strangers.