On-Grid Solar Solutions to Utilize Solar Energy Comprehensively

A solar energy system that is tied to the utility lines is called an on-grid or grid-connected or grid-tied solar system.

One may ask, what role does Utility Line play when it’s all about solar energy? The utility line is like a big and efficient battery that has the capability to absorb all the surplus energy needs that one may have. Apart from that, one can count upon it as much as one can for the additional electricity required. Also, not everyone can afford a renewable electric system large enough to fulfill all their power demands. In such a case, one generally installs whatever portion one can afford, and the rest is taken care of by the utility grid.

Opting for on-grid solar energy services is a smart choice especially if you are looking for a less costly option and favor the idea of selling power back to the grid. Let us throw some light on two of the main reasons why on-grid solar systems are so much viable.

1. On-grid solar systems usually takes in more energy than the needs for a location and this excess energy is fed back to the power grid. This is where net metering comes into play. Net metering is a billing mechanism that credits solar energy system owners for the electricity they feed back to the grid. This selling back mechanism saves a lot of money for the owners of the on-grid solar system.

2. Being independent of batteries is also a cost-effective factor. Since the solar system can draw power from the grid, several days can be spent without the sun and without batteries.

The best thing about grid-tied energy systems is that there is no need of a change in lifestyle with the installation of such systems. The simple reason being no absolute need to conserve electricity. Since your system will offset some or all your usage, you can continue with your daily life, unchanged.

And you may still decide to be grid-tied with battery backup. This will give you the best of both the worlds. You may have both independence and backup of a stand-alone system. You can have at least some energy during utility outages and can also sell the excess energy to the grid.

Investing on an on-grid PV system means a long-term pricing of your electricity. You are buying 40 to 50 years of electricity at a fixed price along with the benefits of being on grid.