Studying the 5 different types of Industrial Hand Gloves at worksites!

Aaryan Smith
Aug 25, 2019 · 2 min read

Working in an industry requires you to hold different tools, machines, some small and sharp objects and many other things with your hands which is hazardous. Therefore, to protect your hands, you need authentic ppe for hand protection manufactured by the ppe manufacturers in India. Else skin injuries like skin allergies, cuts, punctures, dermatitis, etc are common hazards for workers’ hands in any of the industries like construction sites, manufacturing facilities, health care, food service, etc. And, both the supervisors and the worker shall be properly educated and trained on the need for ppe in an industry.

Ultimately, the supervisor must know how to choose the right industrial safety glove for the workers. This is possible after a proper study of the kinds of industrial gloves suppliers for delivering the right glove in regards to the appropriate hazard. The employer before buying the gloves must consider whether the task involves any hazardous chemicals or sharp objects. So, as per the hazards and different materials, the gloves can be categorised as:

1) Leather Gloves by leather glove suppliers: These gloves are good to evade abrasion.

2) Cut-resistant gloves: These gloves are made from different materials like natural fibre or synthetic fibre which prevents the skin against cuts, lacerations and in some cases, punctures as well.

3) Chemical resistant gloves: the material used to make chemical resistant gloves are also different like latex, nitrile, other rubbers and synthetic ones too. These gloves are used in chemical and paint industries to prevent dermatitis and chemical burns.

4) Insulated gloves: These gloves have extra layers of protection so as to keep the hands safe in cold or hot environments (or while touching any hot or cold objects).

5) Anti-vibration gloves: Vibration doesn’t cause any specific skin issue, vibrating tools can cause nerve damage in the hands, and these anti-vibration gloves can help evade the problem.

There are gloves that are used for dual protection, in other words, for more than one kind of hazard but this cannot be the case always. The presence of two hazards like sharp objects and chemicals- requires multiple gloves to be worn for better protection. So, study about the different types of personal protective equipment and choose in accordance with the hazards prevalent in the particular industry.

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