Frostbite and I on the battlefield

One lazy Sunday afternoon frostbite and I were sitting on the couch. Frostbite asked me, “I am getting bored why don’t we go out in the snow and play ?” “Oh Frostbite remember it is summer?”, I replied back. After seeing his gloomy eyes, I suggested “why don’t we play chess ?” I quickly got the chess board out and we began to play.

As soon as I made my first move, PUFF… we were on a huge chess board with humongous size chess pieces ! The pieces started talking ! the king asked with authority ‘who are these people ?” , the haughty queen replied “ they are of course barbarians because they stink !”, the dutiful pawn interrupted, “they are our masters” and he looked at me and exclaimed “we are at your service, master!”

Frostbite on his side also experienced something similar, except instead of calling him a barbarian they called him a yeti and jumped with fear! Frostbite and I decided we will train our soldiers and get to know them for three hours before the battle.Finally after those three hours of hard work the big moment had come ! We felt nervous both Frostbite and I had butterflies in our tummies.

After sacrificing several of our soldiers, Frostbite had found a way to create a checkmate ! As I was waiting on pins and needles for frostbite to command his Rook for his final move, it suddenly began to snow and Frostbite got so happy he forgot about the checkmate and charged to the snow wamp wamp whaaaaaaa (background music) I sighed because Frostbite just left the game and started playing with the snow so I decided to set all the pieces free and play with Frostbite in the snow !

It was not a boring Sunday after all !

p.s I will be publishing an episode of Frostbite and me every Saturday or Sunday