Watching your neighbors starve

Åsmund Ryningen
Dec 3, 2019 · 3 min read

In a dire situation, some people will starve and eventually die.

It’s inevitable. It’s just going to happen. And there is nothing that you can do about it. You cannot save every person on the street. But you can save *some*. Such as for example your neighbors, close friends and family.

But you don’t have enough food for every single person on the street, so what do you do when things get really serious?

Well, obviously you cannot tell everyone that you’re prepping.

Telling people that you’re a prepper will draw unnecessary attention to your whereabouts, your shelter and last but not least — your loved ones.

Imagine a stampede of homeless people running down your doorstep and you have little children in your home. Or you might have some grandparents that need attending to. Perhaps you also possess some valuable items that you don’t want the rest of the world to know about.

Of course, this depends on where you live in the world.

If you’re out in the country and your closest neighbors are woodpeckers, deer and a couple of bears, then of course you should open up your home to those who are in need. Not doing that would b irresponsible, abhorrent and atrocious.

Likewise, if you live in a large city that’s congested with a lot of people, you of course need to be careful about whom you let into your home and not.

After all, the old hobo down the street might know other hobos. Or he might be in debt to criminals. Perhaps he’s a deranged meth dealer with an insatiable lust for children…I probably don’t have to go more into details regarding this.

Still, such as scenario will prove life threatening to those who get subjected to it.

What you need to do is the following;

1) Realize that you cannot save everybody in the world.
2) Take care of as many people as you can without harming yourself.

Point no. 2) of course assumes that you need to put yourself first.

Because if you cannot put yourself first and save yourself first, then who is going to do it for you? How can you expect to save others if you haven’t saved yourself? What use are you to others if your own health, finances and whereabouts aren’t in order?

You know this all too well yourself.

Even though the rest of the world, in these politically correct times, wants you to ‘think about others before you take care of yourself’.

It’s the epitome of stupidity.

I could go on and on about this, because it’s a very important subject.

But instead, I’ll just urge you to keep on stockpiling food, putting aside money, working on your health and finances and prepare for disaster.

Because it is coming. And when disaster strikes, you want to be prepared.

Such as in having enough food and water to make it through a power outage.

Or if need be, check into a hotel using your emergency fund if you cannot stay in your own home.

Let the pretenders think they’re commando soldiers with their big ass guns and piles of ammo.

You, however, are smart and you prepare for *real* disasters.

And I’ll show you just how to do it right here — FOR FREE: