“Paradoxically a bottom-up strategy is in many ways simpler to implement than a top-down one. While a top-down investor must make several accurate predictions in a row, a bottom-up investor is not in the forecasting business at all.” — Seth Klarman, Margin of Safety (pg. 107)

Seth Klarman’s bread and butter is value investing. His success at The Baupost Group has come in a similar manner to the way in which Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway achieved extraordinary returns over the years — looking at the underlying fundamentals of equities, debt instruments, and other investment assets. …

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I’ve written several of these “Request for Startups” posts throughout college, and I’ve found them to be fruitful and engaging creative exercises. …

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Opinionated Workspaces

Notion is cool. Everyone’s on that bandwagon.

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Notion is a great general purpose piece of software that allows the user to easily create templates and workflows incorporating notes/docs, knowledge bases, tasks/projects, and databases. It’s un-opinionated as a product regarding the types of applications and areas you could use it for. You can project manage software products or strategize marketing channels in a collaborative fashion. Nevertheless, for many of these functions, vertical software can add and capture a lot of value. Let’s use recruiting as an example.

Recruiting orgs use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) like Greenhouse or Lever to manage and supercharge their processes. These are great, but they don’t allow users and teams to develop their own flows and templates in a recruiting workspace. I wonder if there’s room for software that could sit as a hybrid of Notion and an ATS, maybe even integrating into ATS to tailor the product to the function. …


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