Why I use Tape Instead of Mocha & So Should You
Eric Elliott

I’m presently working on a very large modular web app. where the front-end is implemented using AngularJS 1.x. The project is about 2 years old and there was never any unit testing done as part of the development process. There is now a requirement to add unit testing for at least 85% of the Angular codebase. The general consensus seems to be: “Use Jasmine/Karma or Mocha/Chai/Sinon” for unit testing.

My concern after looking at the usual testing libraries is the amount of work that will need to be put in for data mocks and unit testing in general. It seems excessive and almost as bad as re-developing the application. After reading your article, it got me interested in possibly using Tape. I’m very new to unit testing and wanted to find out whether you/anyone has done unit testing using Tape with Angular 1.x? Is this possible?

Thoughts on pros/cons/experiences with Tape and general unit testing in Angular, would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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