5 Tips To Practice Yoga For Busy People

You might have sometimes felt that your daily schedule is just too packed leaving you no time for other activities. However, there is also that absolute empty feeling due to the constant running around for your work which leaves you no time for yourself. It is perhaps at this juncture that yoga can be really helpful. I am reminded of an important lesson that my yoga guru Namito ji, at Abhinam Yoga School in India often repeated, “Yoga is not always on the mat, it is a state of mind, learn to adapt your thoughts the yogic way!”

Yes, that is perhaps the most brilliant feature about Yoga. You do not need to take out a lot of free time to practice yoga. More than mere workout, it teaches you some key life lessons that will stay with you forever and benefit you in many ways. Remember, the ultimate purpose of yoga is your well-being in every form. Yoga is possible while standing, sitting and even lying because it adapts your body to its natural order in every position.

Allocate Some Time For Yourself: This is important for everyone, especially for those who have busy schedules. Keep at least 10–15 mins for self-introspection and ensure that you delve deep in your inner being and leave aside thoughts about the mundane world. Just practicing Pranayama or regulated breathing can also help you throw away toxins from your body and make you feel a lot more active. This will also help you gain inner peace and a relative amount of calm within your system.

Grow Your Stamina: Yoga helps in building inner strength and greater stamina. Always remember that yoga is never about losing weight, rather it works towards enhancing your inner strength and overall immunity. So, don’t lose too much energy worrying about the lack of desired amount of weight loss. First and foremost, adapt your body to the overall regime of exercise and take it forward in step by step fashion. Never rush too much into a short time. It is always advisable that you progress slowly in whatever little time you can devote to yourself.

Flexibility Is Important: Being flexible and adaptive your needs is perhaps one of the key ideas that yoga seeks to propagate. In this context, it is very important that you are open to changes in your daily schedule. If someday, you are not able to squeeze out time for yourself in the morning, it is fine to devote time in the evening or even at the end of the day if required. The idea is not just to perform a set number of asanas every day but to touch base with your inner self. In fact, you can even try doing it sitting in your office chair. There are no set rules for performing yoga, the one and only rule that applies is to take some time out for yourself.

Learning To Regulate Breathing: Controlling your breathing lies at the core of all yogic practices and do not shy away from regular practice of Pranayama. Just for ten minutes every day throw out your stale breath and breathe in fresh air. Gradually, encourage your body to adapt the challenge of a ‘bandha’ eventually leading to a ‘mahabandha’. The benefits of pranayama and bandha practice will hold you in good stead even when you can’t perform the asanas. It improves your productivity, efficiency and helps you deal with your work more efficiently leaving you more time for yourself.

Resting Well: When you are very busy, the little time that you get to rest yourself becomes absolutely important, and you should not leave any stone unturned in trying to catch up on rest as well as you can. Practicing yoga Nidra to induce better-resting abilities and improving the quality of your sleep doesn’t just refresh you but also improve your immunity and bring down the perils of premature aging.

Meditation is another easy form of squeezing in yoga in your busy schedule. Remember the office chair in your cubicle is more than sufficient for many yogic practices like pranayama, meditation or even asanas. The important element is the will to perform them and recognize the importance of tending to your body and inner well-being. That is the cardinal aspect of wellness, achieving inner peace and happiness.

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