Product Owner on a scrum team

So you might be wondering what a rugby term is doing when it comes to explaining what your regular product owner does. Imagine a circle in a game of rugby, even if you do not understand it. The ball is thrown into the circle and the team that dominates and pushes best gets the ball and gains an unquestionable advantage.

Your product owner can become the man leading the scrum to domination. He is the man with the vision for the product and responsible for its success. Be it through tactic or brute force, it is the product owner’s job and doing to make sure that it is his team that gets the ball, that is sells on the market best.

What makes a product sell?

One may answer this question in a variety of ways but whatever the product owner picks as the course of action on his scrum team is what sticks and goes through. It is what every product’s success and selling depends on, which we popularly call marketing. The scrum team is the product owner’s group, ready to be inspired and led. If the leading is done well and good, a product seldom loses!

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