Story of My Mentor

Mentor is a person who guides you, motivates you and help you in your life. Mentor could be anyone. He can be your teacher, your fellow, your relative or any other person who helps you t create your best future.

My mentor is my Father. He is a dedicated man he taught me a lot of things which are very helpful in my life. He is now Assistant Director in PHA. He taught me the best ways to solve any problem. If i ever faced any problem he helped me and guided me any i want to become a person like him. He is really my mentor.

The other person who is my mentor is Sir Abdullah Cheema. He is now the Director in PHA. he is a great personality helping and dedicated person. He inspires me alot and he is also my senior in University. He is the man of words.During my internship he helped me alot and taught me how to overcome problems during the job. And regarding the study i also share my problems with him.