Preeti was so excited that she could not sleep the entire night. She lay restless in her bed, which she shared with her younger sister Needhi. Her mind was working overtime planning hundred things.

What would she wear.

What excuse she would make at her home to go out so early in the morning.

What would she talk about.

What gift should she take with her.

Such questions engulfed her the entire night. It was a strange feeling – a none homogeneous mixture of exuberance, fear, hope, mystry and desire. Not that she could have afforded to be in such a mental chaos. It was her second attempt at IIT JEE this year. And maybe her last too. Last one has not been particularly great for her. She so wanted to get through the competition, and turn the stones into proverbial milestones. She was all strong and focussed, away from all distractions. But for this distraction which has totally consumed her. And thus this very important questions took backseat for the night.

What would happen if she fails to clear JEE again this year.

The clock ticked 4. Not an ounce of sleep. She wanted to share her excitement with someone. She thaught of waking Nidhi her,but quickly rejected the idea. This was a secret she could share with none but herself. Until at least the time is right.

She got up from the bed and picked her phone up. The one which she had kept hidden for last 3 months from everyone. The phone whose existence was known by only 2 persons on earth, one of whom was Preeti. starry eyed, she read for the zillionth time the message- see you tomorrow at 8:30 am.

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