The team behind “No one cares”

The question here is not why people care about a Facebook page named “No one cares”. The question is how; how a couple of diploma students who despite belonging to different states made it this big? All of you, at some point of time might have come across this huge Facebook page, “No One Cares”, a social media platform that has some pretty quality content. And when I say quality content, I mean it. Memes, jokes, latest news, awesome information, life hacks and what not, you name, you’ll get everything here. A normal Facebook user just sees the 21 million page but not the hard work that has been and is being put behind it.

Talking about the history of how “No One Cares” happened, let’s discuss the pillars of this large monument, the two owners, Nikhil Kale and Satyam Shastri. Both of them, before coming together had bad not so successful experiences with Facebook pages. The initial pages which mainly were themed around Bollywood, fashion and jokes either failed big time or were hacked or were taken by those who left. But the heroes of our story didn’t give up. Again, it must be noted that Nikhil and Satyam belong to two different states. Nikhil hails from Maharashtra whereas Satyam is from Madhya Pradesh. While trying their hands on page business, these two by luck came across each other on Facebook. The two diploma students having a similar mindset and zeal to do something big thought of doing something together and hence, the journey started.

As they say, no experience is a bad, Nikhil and Satyam put their entire knowledge of Facebook pages and created one together, “No One Cares” at 1 pm on 30th May 2016. The name didn’t just feel strong but they also related to it. As we know, no one cares about those who try to standout. With an initial investment of 15000 and an unaccountable amount of hard work, the page managed to reach a stable figure of 125000.

And thereafter, these two protagonists put their heart and soul in it. The quality of the content consistently increased, the time and effort being given was more and even a team of page editors were set. This team comprised of Prashant Urankar, Mandar Kshire and Sanjay Rabari; all of them being students.

The page owners then, in order to monetize the page, started the “No One Cares” website ( The website yet again has huge team of its own, a perfect editor with Nikhil and Satyam in command. They are even working on video content which again is bound to go viral; this too has a team of its own. As per the future plans, they are soon going to set up their very own office which is a great deal in itself. What’s remarking here is that the core team, which has people from different states of India has just met twice and yet managed to make impossible possible.

The journey indeed seems magical, right? That whole story of how a couple of students who were failing at life refused to give up and in a span of over one year ended up creating one of the biggest platforms on Facebook. The lessons that can be learned from the whole things are many but the one that’s really important is don’t care what others think, do what your heart desires and work hard because this one thing does not come with any kind of substitution. People often say how someone can make a living out of social media. Well, “No One Cares” seems to be fitting reply to all of them.

As of now, the owners and the team members are still in their colleges because the value of education is known by all. Who would have thought that a bunch of students will create something in which others badly failed? The failures of the initial pages didn’t let these Nikhil and Satyam lose hope and that’s the only thing which matters. The road to success can only come when your attitude is, “Let me do my own, let me win the world, because no one cares.”