Top Five Accounting Apps that Every Business Should Use

The world is going digital and app-centric and why not make the most of it in all departments, including accounting!

Whether you are a growing firm or an individual accounting services provider, using some of the latest technologies to help with the numbers and avoid duplication of entries and errors is important. There are many cloud-based, mobile-optimized accounting software applications that simplify and automate repetitive and complex accounting tasks.

The good news is most of them are pocket-friendly and do not require additional IT investment for training and implementation.

So below is the list of top accounting applications that every accountant can easily upgrade to:

  1. QuickBooks: A market leader and popular accounting software, QuickBooks’ apps are great for small businesses. The app boasts of top-of-the-line features and has great reviews on user-experience (4.3 out of 5 on Apple App store). The mobile app features allow sending invoices, capturing receipts, reconciling bank account statements and analysis of profit and loss accounts as per the convenience of the user. The mobile app can be downloaded for free but users need to have a subscription account and pay a monthly subscription fee for one of the five versions of QuickBooks.
  2. FreshBooks: The reviews suggest that FreshBooks are great for freelancers and individual accountants that offers the freedom of accessing reports and records on mobile devices. The app also provides multi-currency support and time tracking options. Users can have their queries addressed by live support teams and can customize the accounts by creating a vendor or customer portal.
  3. Zoho Books: One of the most intuitive accounting apps, Zoho Books are great for small businesses that can dispense all kinds of accounts receivable forms and also be used for inventory tracking. Besides being available on mobile app stores, Zoho books can manage double-entry accounting records and be integrated with CRM.
  4. Xero: Xero takes away the need to stay at the office to manage and maintain accounting records. The app can perform all the integral accounting tasks and users can avail exclusive training to understand the app and implement it for accounting processes. Another unique feature of this app is that it offers document management and also handle payroll.
  5. Sage: Unlike its market rivals, the Sage app has a chat feature that makes it easier for the users by automating all accounting tasks and maintaining records of cash flows, payments, and expenditures with the help of a smart digital assistant called Pegg. The apps have all the mainstream accounting features and are freely downloadable. But the users will have to pay for a Sage account to make use of the app’s features in performing day-to-day accounting tasks.

This was our list of top ten accounting software applications that every smart accountant must use to be at the top of his game. Want to learn more about the accounts and its application visit the Munimji account and taxation course in Ahmedabad.

Source: Blogspot