OBSESSED with Kim Jong Un; the mindless tyrant

At the age of 33, he’s a leader, a god, a messiah for his people.

But what is it that makes this living manifestation of hell, a man? Is it that military hair cut? Is it that chubby face? Oh well, maybe it’s his erratic,sadistic,unstable and deranged personality.

I’ve been trying to find a reason as to why all the female army officers in North Korea cry and blush at the same time at the mere sight of him.

The strict officers who don’t think or blink twice before mutilating, raping or killing the innocent people of North Korea, cry like little babies, overflowing with emotions when they meet their beloved leader.

Or maybe it’s just because they’re scared of being sent to their infamous prison camps or for a much better option, being publicly executed. Well it’s hard to find a particular method to this madness because the supreme leader, Kim Jong Un, just goes with the flow and orders any kind of torture that comes to his artistic mind.

Yet, the tears, the laughter and the happiness that’s broadcast to us via internet show how happy his people are with their leader.

Maybe the people of this country are really enjoying the heavily controlled internet facilities or the limited number of books available that tell them how great their leader is or maybe it’s the underdeveloped countryside with no facilities for the poor or maybe it’s just their genuine happiness that they put on display for their dear tourists.

In a country where schools and classrooms are monitored and public places are filled with soldiers, express themselves freely under the guidance of the government, so much for freedom of speech. This might also prove as to why Kim Jong Un was elected as their leader with a landslide victory of 100% votes in the recent elections!

Its crazy (and scary) and frankly no wonder how this tiny man is managing, single-handedly, to destroy his own country given that he follows the great tradition set by his father, Kim Jong-Il and great grandfather, Kim Ill-sung who had all achieved the greatest feat of turning the people of North Korea into slaves inside their camps and into human-robots outside those camps.

Mansudae Monuments

It’s impossible that in a place where these robots are only taught to worship the leader without even the slightest idea that words like democracy, freedom exist, that they could even think of going against their ‘god’ who gave them the right to live.

What they need is a revolution, a rebel, people who are not afraid of giving up on their own lives for the sake of future generations.

We must remember the harsh truth that this democracy that you and I enjoy wasn’t just handed over to us. Lives were lost and blood was shed and revolution was led for a better future but then again it’s easier said than done, this is a man who kills his own family and routinely carries out executions of his close aides in fear of an uprising.

Kim Jong Un’s uncle

And if such a dream all this is not possible then let us just hope that his fear, his cowardice, his ego and his sins drives him insane and maybe because karma’s a bitch, he just might be thrown into one of his own prison camps. As Albert Camus once said,

“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.”