After Uber & Careem, URIDE is coming to give Comfortable Services in Pakistan.

To realize the value of One minute
Ask the worker who missed the Bus.
To realize the value of one Second
Ask the person who just avoided an accident.
To realize the value of one millisecond
Ask the student who get late in Exams.
To realize the value of one hour
Ask the person who is waiting to reach for meeting.
To realize the value of One week
Ask the person who is waiting for wedding ceremony.

Yesss! We all were actually waiting for Best ride, a comfortable ride, that Ride it can save us to all risk. It can save our precious time & values. And we found to realization all of it, Because of some rides.

Yeap…Number of Rides did solve our problems a few years ago. Careem and Uber did it in Pakistan. You can say these rides make our life better & quick to do. Careem was started in 2012 in Dubai, with the straightforward mission to offer suitable, trustworthy and comfy transport facilities to customers. It has since developed to cover 26 cities in other countries and Pakistan, where it is presently operating in Karachi and Lahore.

Uber has been foremost the global market in reserved car hire and has been esteemed at most of USD 50 billion. Uber has been about for six years and is operating across 300 cities worldwide.

Now the time is coming forward to URIDE.

Uride is a reserved car hiring facility. It permit you to appoint a car by their devoted apps or website and indoors minutes a chauffeur-driven indulgence car will receive you and take you to your endpoint. Uride bargain high value, trustworthiness and comfy transportable service that join you with a driver at a knock of a button through mobile apps and transportation accommodations on routes considered permitting to the passenger’s desires.

How it the whole kit and caboodle:

You first choice your pick-up and drop-off place by the app’s put up in mapping system. The amenities tell you the name and number of your chauffeur furthermore the license number of the car. The app rapidly sends a profile and photograph of the driver.

Specifics include the model, color and license plate of the car so you can keep a judgment out for him. Users are also known a choice to trajectory the ride, seemingly in a work to make customers feel secure.

let see how much URide will make Better our life with easy ride. After Careem and Uber, how much Uride will give their relaiable services and have values our precious time.

Have a better ride with these riding services & don’t miss the bus, saves yourself from accidents, Don’t get late your exams, be on time to reach for meeting, makes your ceremonies luxuries.

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