Even before COVID-19 changed our way of life, two thirds of the workforce (Gallup) felt demotivated in their jobs, an economic hit of ~$500B from lost productivity in Europe alone. Perhaps more starkly, social mobility — defined as the average time it takes offspring from low-income families to reach average-income — is an average of 4.5 generations across OECD countries. In the UK, it is 5 generations and in France it is 6 generations. In Brazil, it is 9 generations! (OECD). This issue underscores another societal ill: people end up in dead-end careers through no ‘fault’ of their own.


Alexander Asseily

founder of jawbone, state, elvie, zulu forest. investor in other adventures like lilium, okta, improbable, and kepler computing. playing infinite games.

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