Founders Want This For the Holidays, I Promise

It’s the week of Christmas. I’m thinking last-minute Amazon Prime deliveries (can it get here in two hours?), or maybe even considering trying one of the texting services I used to make fun of, to see if they can go grab a gift I had in mind. All while I draft the holiday customer messages, tweak some in-app purchase configurations, write some tweets, get delivery of the business cards we finally remembered to order.

And then ..

That something magical, that something that feels like it’s all I want for Christmas, actually happens.

Guidrr Gets A Note: We’re Startup of the Day at — Thanks Emma McGowan!

Guidrr gets a Monday morning note. It goes something like this, “We love what you do (obviously — that’s why we picked you) .. Guidrr is featured on as Startup of the Day.” At that exact moment, I wasn’t in my lucky startup-ish Converses pitching an investor (will be — stay tuned). I was, in fact, reheating a morning tea and preparing for a long to-do list of pre-holiday items. I hadn’t pitched the site, hadn’t in fact any sort of known connection to the writer, but my Christmas gift was how well Emma McGowan nailed what our company does in her post on why Guidrr was selected. Here’s an excerpt:

Emma does an amazing job of nailing what I care about as a founder — rewarding influencers and getting beyond the freemium model for peer to peer influence. Here’s to killing it in your own coverage, Emma!

Some of you have read my Medium #startup story and it’s milestones. Others can work their way through the 7 minute read when — and IF — they have the time around the holidays. I’m only doing 3 minute reads personally till the new year.

Here’s my new task: learning how to create a holiday GIF of the Guidrr boots complete with snow and mistletoe and happy elves to celebrate an amazing way to start the week before Christmas. I’d like to continue to pass on and pay forward the best gift a founder or entrepreneur can receive, especially around the holidays. Our #NewTravel awards are designed to recognize the daily hustle for online influencers by gifting recognition from their own peers.

Now it’s back to work. That IAP configuration is calling — and will have some news tomorrow on a Happy Holidays gift from Guidrr for our followers & friends (Look out for it Varelie Croes Corley Ryan Hoover Ben Tossell Arlo Gilbert Joshua Henderson @ChicagoGupta Cristiano B. M. Oliveira Whitney Johnson Kay Koplovitz LFlanagan)