Event technology is transforming the world for better.

Android phones in our hands, columns on digitalization in the newspaper, using PayTM as a virtual wallet and when somebody asks something, replying, ‘Google it’- this is the present generation.

The ‘one touch’ generation likes to do each and everything by just a single touch on their smart phones.

The advancement in technology has changed the lifestyle and smartphones are like magic wands for “muggles”. Yes, of course, it’s even more miraculous that this wand works without a spell! Just touch it and it will give everything you want without having to physically scout it out. How many of us ever imagined that selling fruits & vegetables online would ever be an idea? BigBasket thought it as a good one and is today one of the ruling companies with a great footfall in their industry.

A life without internet is a nightmare for most of us and with new trends and technologies appearing seemingly every week, the event planning industry is coming to terms with a future built on change and it looks promising. Today, people no longer dream of controlling their TVs or door locks through remote access but one of the event technology trends has made this possible. With so many events happening everyday and around every corner of the world, the event technology industry is giving a vision which looks exciting and limitless. Currently there are certain trends which are giving major expectations :

· Big Data: Everyone of us knows the importance of data today and if a technology can give us the exact stats and graphs, then it is going to build a strong bridge between the producer and the consumer. The apps of data and analytics are not just something which gives us numbers of the users but are way too intelligent and can give us a goldmine of information about consumers’ likes ,dislikes, interests and demands.

· Internet of Things : It’s promising to realise that technology can control everything through sensor chips and can take any business or event to the most unimaginable level.It won’t be surprising if one day we are able to control humans through these chips.

· Wearables: This technology today is changing lives of people in a great way. ‘Muse’ is a headband that helps to meditate. ‘LumoLift’ inspires improved posture. ‘My UV Patch’ tracks the UV exposure.In 2016, Lose It! the weight-loss tracking app, introduced a new feature that enables users to log their food intake by simply snapping a picture of their meal.

· Going Social is the Key : No matter whichever technology it is, going social is the best way to reach the target audience and a good campaign on social media would increase the success rate by 85% as surveyed by different multi-giants of the industry.

With these, trends apps have also expanded their horizons and in 2017–2018, consumers will be expecting more depth and breadth from the apps and wearables and those technologies which are continuously striving to reach their expectations. In the coming years, sensor technologies will be playing a bigger role in medical science and research.

Our future place of work might not be an open plan office, but interconnected workspaces not tied to one place, but many.

They will be underpinned by virtual conferencing, complete and constant connection and portability. Working days would be totally different .With big data, one could cut the cost of journeying, making everything run easier and in more manageable form.

The power of technology would transform the world for better and we must use every tool within our armory to ensure that the current and the future generations are not left behind in the global digital skills race.