I have always loved teaching whether it is explaining something to a classmate or friend to help them clear an exam or delivering a talk in some event recently I got an opportunity to be an instructor for a 7 day Python online training course offered by EduYear which provides quality education at affordable prices. I was thrilled and excited to do it because of my love for teaching so without giving any much thought I applied for an interview and I got selected. …

This is my first article on medium. In this article, I will show you how to create basic shooting game in Blender Game Engine using Logic Editor
For this, you require basic knowledge of blender like creating objects and using the logic editor.
So let’s get started!

PART-1 Creating assets
1. Create a gun
i. Let’s start with a cube. Press Shift+A ->cube
ii. Go to the edit mode (TAB)
iii. Extrude(E) a face and then resize(S) the face
iv. Model it like a gun

Model gun

2. Now let’s back to object mode to add more assets.
3. …


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