A Dream with a Movie Plot

So it all began (or at least as far as I can remember) with Elisse coming home late, while Mccoy, I and I forgot the other one, stayed up waiting patiently for her.

When Elisse arrived, getting off from a car with other two unfamiliar men, Mccoy and I raised a brow and watched the three chatted beside the car until Elisse finally headed to where we are tagging along the two men. She made the two sit in the patio, and while Elisse was about to enter our room, we heard the two men teasingly utter, "Hey, give us a book". That’s when I realized that we were (living?) on a publication house. I felt the menace between the two so I went out and talked to them. My purpose was to figure out why they couldn’t leave just yet. I swear they were up to no good. Until I saw the Man 1 handcuffed with one hand, and the handcuff for another hand was released.

Maybe the released handcuff was for Man 2?
Maybe they were handcuffed together?

I didn't need a confirmation. I used the two men's request for a book to ask around the publication. This was an opportunity to give a hint to I think can fight these two goons; I whispered to Derek Ramsey, Ejay Falcon, Joseph Marco ++ that the two men in the patio were possibly convicts and that to get ready when something off happened. Ejay went to the patio and guarded the gate in case the two goons plan to leave. As if on cue, Man 1 stood up and hurried to the gate but Ejay caught him and gave him a fist. That was the start of action.

Turned out that these two men have their comrades with them and joined the fight as soon as they saw it, until everyone from the publication defended one another. I even found myself hitting a face of one of their guys!

Long after, the fight was over and the place gradually calmed. The victory was ours (ha!) and the Head thanked us for defending the publication.

All came back to normal and headed to school (lol we are students???). There were a bunch of routes to school but I took the shortcut... I thought I had enough action for the day..

The shortcut was risky. And crazy. And scary. You had to enter a secret room with only a toilet bowl at the side.... which is your portal to where you want to go. (I told you, it's crazy! And ew). You have to calibrate some buttons for the coordinates. When it's all set, you step on the inside of the dry toilet bowl, sit, pull down the toilet cover and press the flush— that will take you to your desired place in seconds. (Thinking about it, I realized this is the second dream I used this portal!)

I was with three girls to use the portal. The first one got in and made it to school in seconds. Smooth. She's used to it. Like a routine.

Came next was me. I calibrated the buttons, stepped in the toilet bowl, sat and pushed the flush. It didn't work. There's probably something wrong in my calibration. I did it again— once, twice, thrice. And for the third try, sitting on the inside of the bowl and flushing, I felt that I am finally being transported... when I saw a note that says "Get ready for a possible (ghost) sight. Say hi"

AND I KNEW FROM THEN THAT I AM IN NO WAY GONNA SAY HI TO THAT LADY GHOST. I dreamt of her before (in reality). I still remember the feeling of being terrified when I woke up. So back to the dream: I got out of the toilet immediately, and asked the guard how to stop the portal. He said that I only have to let it until it was done. Phew. I didn't get to school.

But why, in my portal, did the lady ghost appear? It wasn't a normal case. Maybe a consequence of calibrating too much?

I sought for an answer. I went to the nearest supernatural clinic. At the table were a teen girl, an old lady and a boy. I immediately told them my situation and asked for an explanation.

Hearing my story, they didn't seem to be surprised. The old lady told me, "it's even." I got confused, "what do you mean, even??"

"You use the portal to get to a place in no time. But before it transports you to your desired place, it gets you to a checkpoint. The checkpoint is the supernatural's personal space. It's too fast you shouldn't feel it, but because you tried it more than once, spirits were alerted. Worse, you left the portal open giving them the opportunity to get to your world," explained the old lady.

"The spirit will follow you for three days. It will eat with you, sleep with you, watch with you, be with you. After three days, it will leave. And comes back after 20 years," added the teen girl.

That's when I forced myself to wake up.

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