Gulden in figures for April 2021

Gulden in figures is written by Aat de Kwaasteniet.
The prices are the weighted average opening prices of the various exchanges.

Price development

The lowest price was reached on: 04–04–21 €0,0101
The highest price was recorded on: 24–04–21 €0,0383.

The 30-day moving average (red line) shows a rising line. It was on 01–04–21 €0,0125 and is on 30–04–21 €0,0212

Price in historical perspective

Below is a table with the 30-day moving average of the Gulden price and the trading volume in the past and present.

Trade volume



But the total witnessweight is wit 5% increased this month to a record height of 1,278,643,195. So people put no more Gulden into witness but for a longer time.
Due to the increasing total witnessweight, the return on witnesses has decreased a little.
An average witness account with 100.000 Gulden (+/- €3400,-) fixed for 3 years now yields about 5,7% “interest” per year.


Pensionado, en crypto-lover

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