XEP in figures April 2021

XEP in figures is written by Aat de Kwaasteniet on personal title. I will try to make an overview of all the figures around Electraprotocol XEP every month.
The prices are the weighted average opening prices of the various exchanges named on CoinGecko and are valued in USD to appeal to the widest possible audience.
The annual figures are obviously limited at this time but for completeness they are mentioned. In one or two years these figures will be more useful.

Price development

April 1: $0.00220
April 30: $0.00279

Price in historical perspective

Although the historical data from XEP covers only a short period of time, we can make a graph of it.

Trading volume

We are seeing a small but stable trading volume of XEP.

Social media

XEP is active on several social media channels. Number of users is per April 30, 2021


Number of active nodes : 538 (april 30,2021)

Pensionado, en crypto-lover

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