XEP in figures June 2021

XEP in figures is written by Aat de Kwaasteniet in a personal capacity and it is not only an objective listing of facts but it is supplemented at some points with with my ideas and opinion. I am just one of the community members of XEP and have no ties to the XEP team. I will try to make an overview of all the figures around Electraprotocol XEP every month.
The prices are the weighted average opening prices of the various exchanges named on CoinGecko and are valued in USD to appeal to the widest possible audience.
The annual figures are obviously limited at this time but for completeness they are mentioned. In one or two years these figures will be more useful.

Price development

June 1: $0.00155
June 30: $0.00122

Price in historical perspective

Although the historical data from XEP covers only a short period of time, we can make a graph of it. We can see June isn’t the best month pricewise.

Trading volume

We are seeing a small but growing trading volume of XEP with positive and negative outliers here and there during the month. Especially the second part of the month of June showed much trade activity compared to the first half. Overall June was a good trading month.

Social media

XEP is active on several social media channels. Based on these numbers of users, we can see if people remain actively involved with XEP. Number of users is per June 30, 2021. In parentheses the members as of May and the percentage change.


Number of active nodes : 437 (June 30,2021). In May it was 455 and April 538. We see a steady little drop the last few months. That drop must be stopped for the safety of the blockchain.


We see that the realization of the Bittrex listing has not brought what many XEP adepts had hoped for. And despite all the good announcements around Evoblox and new wallet versions, little happens with the price. This is also my experience with other currencies, such developments hardly affect the price of that currency. But why not?

Pensionado, and crypto-lover