It is often said that the security of the Bitcoin network is the best of all crypto coins. The security is based on the enormous miningpower (Hashrate) needed to be able to mine bitcoins and implicitly the impossibility to attack it that way via a >50% attack.

However, Bitcoin’s PoW system has a lot to say about it. The current security level can probably only be maintained in the future if the price rises continuously because of the bitcoin halving every 4 year. …

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On average, at Gulden, a block with the new transactions is added to the blockchain once every 150 seconds. …

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Feb. 27, 2020

This article is an update of an existing story published in November 2019. The data has been updated and a node crawler has been used for some coins to measure whether the given values of the explorers are correct.


As already explained in previous stories, the ranking on CoinMarketCap, based on market capitalization, is highly questionable. See the story “The Nonsense of Marketcap.
Attempts have been made to rank the cryptocoins in other ways. For example, a range of research items on cryptocoins in the story Which crypto becomes the new payment system and also the story The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Classifying the crypto-coins have been looked at. But there were items that required a value judgement and unfortunately everyone can think differently about that. Another attempt was the story Crypto ranked by numbers of users where a measurable data item was used to get a different, better ranking of the cryptocoins. Also in this story, a measurable data item is entered, in which a ranking is made based on the number of nodes that a certain coin has run in the field. A measure of how the coin works and is used in practice and is not only seen as a trade object and moves currency from one wallet to another wallet on an exchange. …


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