Latest Developments with the AAT Network: Mobile App, Bounty Program, Token Sale and more…

Asset Allocation Token Network, — AAT Network, the cryptocurrency portfolio management platform has been gaining a lot of traction in the recent days. The platform, designed to mitigate risks involved in cryptocurrency investments while providing a simple, easy-to-use solution for investors of all sizes has achieved a lot of milestones even before the launch of its token pre-sale round.

With the token pre-sale kicking off yesterday (July 1, 2018), the platform has already launched a native mobile application for both Android and iOS powered devices and will be soon announcing the web-version of the same soon. Soon it, will announce 2nd phase development.

The AAT Emerge application, presently in beta can be downloaded from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The app allows users to explore how the AAT ecosystem works before participating in the token sale. In addition to the token sale, the platform has also announced the launch of its attractive bounty program where community members can participate and stand a chance to earn Asset Allocation Tokens (AAT) in addition to what they purchase during the crowdsale.

What’s AAT?

For those who have missed the initial updates, AAT is a crypto portfolio management platform that provides a single window for users to invest, hold and manage their cryptocurrency portfolio is a low risk manner. In addition to managing the mainstream cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Monero and so on, users on AAT can also find the right ICOs to invest in, hold the tokens and decide the ideal way to handle, trade or liquidate them.

The crypto portfolio management platform is backed by the entire AAT community, which includes cryptocurrency users, investors, traders, expert analysts and other industry professionals. The platform will be offering a range of tools for users to analyze the assets, markets and make their own decision. These tools are an addition to other services like trading signals, real-time market updates, trading strategies created by some of the top traders and analysts.

The AAT platform users are also free to create their own strategies and products and offer it to the community through the upcoming AAT marketplace. The entire AAT ecosystem is fueled by its native token — AAT which is a utility token that can be used in exchange for products and services within the platform. AAT will be listed on some of the leading exchanges after the conclusion of the token sale, enabling users to use them beyond the AAT ecosystem to trade against other cryptocurrencies.

Initially the AAT tokens can be purchased during the token sale at attractive prices to avail great returns in the future. Those who miss the bus, will have to purchase it later in the open market once the tokens are listed on exchanges at a premium.

AAT Token Sale

AAT, native to the AAT ecosystem is an ERC20 token with a maximum supply of 45 million, out of which 27 million will be made available to the public during the token sale. The token sale is divided into three distinct phases: Closed Group, Pre TGE and TGE. During the Closed Group sale, AAT distributed a total of 4 million tokens. In the upcoming Pre-TGE phase 6 million tokens will be made available to the participants, and the remaining 17 million will be offered during the main sale (TGE event).

The AAT Token Presale went live on July 1, 2018, continuing for the duration of one whole month. The token will be listed on exchanges after this phase. Following the conclusion of the Pre-TGE, the main token sale will start on August 5, 2018 and go on for 75 days.

How to purchase AAT

The AAT Bounty Program

A sophisticated platform without users is of no use, and AAT believes that the only way to ensure success is by building a strong community. The platform welcomes the token sale participants as well as others to become part of the initiative and benefit from it. As a part of its community building initiative, the platform has announced a bounty program. The program invites participants to spread the word about AAT and contribute towards the community building efforts. In return, they will receive rewards in the form of AAT tokens and more.

The company has set aside a small fortune (close to $135,000) as bounty offering. More information about the bounty program will be made available in the coming posts. Also, visit AAT website to participate in the token sale, and follow the social media channels to get the latest updates.