How Gojek’s Magneto team is building products to help automate discovery of top candidates at scale.

In just a few years, Gojek has grown from a small startup aggregating ojeks to a Super App that does over 200 million completed orders a month.

Most importantly, we’ve managed to scale our systems with a relatively lean team of engineers. However, in order to sustain this growth, we need to keep adding quality engineering talent to our ranks. To help with this, we rely on our in-house recruiters, who’ve been doing a phenomenal job. 👌

We’ve been trying to find a solution to…

Hiring top developers has never been as challenging as it is now since every other company is looking for that 1% of tech talent to solve challenging engineering problems.

Tech companies are pouring a lot of money to attract top talent and at the same time building a comprehensive hiring funnel to filter out the best ones. A typical hiring funnel might look like this:

Discover: Starting with discovering developers and screening the good ones

Nurture: Nurturing developers to get them interested to work at your organization

Interviews: Taking them through your custom interview process

Technology is definitely crucial to…

Product Development Process is the heart of any product company’s operational process. Every small or big companies have certain product development processes and several stakeholders to get an amazing product out there for their users.

AirCTO is relatively a small startup and we churn out a lot of features and updates very often for our users. Our product basically revolves around 3 target users:

  1. Recruiters — our customers
  2. Candidates (Tech Talent)
  3. Tools for internal Sourcing team

To build features & new products, we go through several processes to bring the best possible outcome. …

Yes. You heard me right. Our teams stand behind us like families do. They’re the ones who do the hard job of believing in you, trusting your instincts and ideas. They do innovation at different levels within the organizations. They’re the real heroes — always performing.

I always wonder, if teams are so important then why some of the teams fail at staying together. The strongest point which I feel is, they lack the empathy for their team members and that’s completely insane. The question is, how much time do we invest with our team? Perhaps more than we spend…

HomeJoy has come a full circle and has been officially non-operational since July 31, 2015 — it is very scary to see a “famous” company backed by Y Combinator and A16z fail.

I was pondering over what really made them fail. I am sure there would be few reasons which might be internal but from information we have on the Internet, it looks like, following were the strong reasons that actually failed HomeJoy:

Marketplace is tough

No one can deny that building a marketplace is tough..very very tough. You need to deal with the demand as…

Disclaimer: I drafted this post a little while before Uber’s unfortunate incident happened in New Delhi. This post doesn’t suggest any solution on how to deal with chauffeur’s police verification process, social behavior etc.

Indian roads are a living nightmare! The most dreaded traffic awaits you the moment you step out on the road. If traffic is one side of the coin, the other is the reckless driving and scary traffic rules. Some of the numbers are really terrifying.

Indian road accidents killed 1.2 million in last decade

The national capital tops list for fatal road accidents

[Video] Ambulances In…

There are various aspects of a startup that can inspire us. Be it; good team, good culture, great product with exponential growth. But one thing that personally inspires me is the self-sustaining business model of a startup to create success.

I have always been an ardent fan of bootstrapped companies. Not the VC darling companies but the companies that actually make money and are profitable without depending on external funding(at least in the early stage). I prefer calling these companies “truly bootstrapped businesses” even better “self-funded businesses”.

Remember that moment when you’re anxiously looking for some quick information on the internet and end up going through a maze of links to find that specific piece of information on your favorite search engine.

Sometimes it is extremely frustrating when you are on a slow internet and ending up on some wrong links is a complete disappointment.

Wait! shouldn’t our search engine be a little smarter?

Yes. Google has started to offer some precise search results which you’re actually looking for. Let’s try some quick search queries which we often do.

Time zone conversion

It’s been more than 3 years since I blogged for myself. I had a Wordpress site back then and had around more than half a dozen of articles written there.

But unfortunately the server where I hosted my blog was shutdown without notice and I ended up losing all my data. :/ After that I never got a chance to start writing again. Though I did write few articles for my startup.

But as they say, it’s never too late for a comeback. ☺So, have decided to start mapping my thoughts on technology, entrepreneurship, software products or anything which interests me.

Why Medium?

Since I have been reading articles on the Medium for a while now and it indeed seems a very charming tool to read articles. So, I guess trying my hands in writing on Medium would be a best bet for now.

Happy reading!

Atif Haider

Beginner. Programmer. Product. Tech Recruitment. Engineering @gojektech | Previously @aircto

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