Aksara Jatim 2016

Satu kata yang menggambarkan mungkin bangga kali ya? Proud feelings overflowing my veins, for them, us and even me. Kepanitiaan pertama yang timnya kece-kece setelah hampir 3tahun gaknemu tim seperti ini. Tim yang kayaknya tanpa aku pun bakal jalan-jalan aja, a team where everyone is actually initiating and do their best to finish their jobs and also another person jobs. Aksara Jatim a social project where we gather the best 20 participants from all corners of East Java. A leadership camp for implementing social actions for better future. Because in the world full of people looking up for materials, We would like to introduce a simpler approach to lead a happier life. By doing a social action and give impact to societies as easy as teaching elementary school, asking people to stop littering, giving SWOT analysis to small medium enterprise and some other things. (Psst, itu contoh sosial action yang kemaren peserta jalankan). :)

Wasn’t expecting any of this excitement before the event and sincerely grateful for all the process and result. Let’s talk about the participants. All of the participant is actually good as on their age. As a high school student they had the ability to think about realistic ways of implementing their knowledge to societies. Their excitement, courage and happiness are injecting me even more. I’m not prepared for such bright student on such young ages and not a single word I can send to them other than proud. Karena aku nggak terlalu suka ngobrol sama orang yang nggak tau mau kemana hidupnya, aku kaget dan nggak nyangka di usia semuda mereka bahkan menurut aku mereka udah dengan gamblang punya ide yang bisa mereka jalankan sendiri. Sesuatu yang bisa bikin mereka berdiri di kaki mereka sendiri. It inspires me to do something with my life.

They are extremely loud and disturbing (sorry to say :p) but that’s where they got all the hype and positive impact to people. It’s their way to give all the energy and generate more and more energy. I had nothing left to say other than super proud and happy and good luck for future folks, see you when I see you.

Aksara Jatim 2016? Sinergi Lokal Kontribusi Nasional


Thank you Zhaaaaaaav for the famous tagline LOL love!

Thank you Mas Awang for the ideas and for asking me to join

Thank you Mbak Nana, Mbak Maya, Mas Tanto, Mbak Fildza (buat gambarnya!!!) buat semua bimbingan, ide, inspirasi, cerita.

Thank you Ilham for the best kapel eveeeeeeeer. Sukses UAS :”)

Makasih Dindiiiiiiii Rioooo for the extremely good food, I feel at home or at least my grandma’s house :P

Makasih Dianti Bayu~~~ much love karena suka minta minta melulu :p

Makasih Sindi, Rama, Mas Bildiii buat (aduh udah lah ya gakperlu disebutin…) hasil design, web, ditunggu after movienya :p

Makasih mbak Vani plus Tania yang bajunya selalu hits. Udah gitu aja :p

Makasih Bella Irma atas cinta dan perhatiannya. Bella sih sekertaris terciamik surat h-5 jam juga beres :”)

We start out confused, end up proud. Well done team :D



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