Kyoto in my eyes part 3

December 31 2015

Kinkakuji!! (金閣寺)simply means gold jinja~

Kinkakuji simply means gold temple. It’s all pure gold! fascinating to see that much gold. LOL. The place are so crowded, apparently people do love gold (even to only see it). Funny stories, whenever we take picture in one spot people also take picture on the same spots after us. It’s alright I know…

Information! again, before going to jinja or tera or whatever temple you were going to be buy a book of temple(it will cost approx. 1000¥) You can buy in one tera and later buy stamp(approx. 500¥) from different tera you visit. I didn’t buy one :( Hannah and Larissa did. I left alone :( LOL. Ps. Tera ( 寺) means temple. Jinja( 神社) means shrine. :D The stamp will look like in the ticket paper I take picture with. Each temple has their own stamp, stamp is like signature in Japan. :)

Some places in Japan offer signature food. Here you can buy matcha soft ice cream, which taste similar to other matcha soft ice cream. Anyway it worth a try :p

Then we headed home, I forget where did we take lunch… … am sorry my bad. LOL. By the way, after sunset we take train to go to~ FUSHIMI INARI~ :D all information here open everyday :3 It’s famous for the torii gate.

Information! LOL so, in Japan it’s common to have family shrine and they’ll come every year to pray there. They can even bought a small gate like really small or even buy big one in size of this:

So, it’s a path with all the torii gates belong to company/kaisha( 会社) or even individual. Don’t ask me how much is it……………. It’s amazing to see so many gates along the path with different owner. Btw it’s a mountain so we basically climbing mountain :”D

Fun facts. They have vending machine on each resting spots,every hundreds stairs/kaidan and prices on the vending machine get higher as high as the mountain. So the price rising up as we rise… … … :))

We walk to the top on the mountain, many Japanese also did the same thing and waiting for new year to come. I secretly wanting to see fireworks, apparently there were not. It’s winter, Japan has festival for fireworks on summer. So no fireworks on new year :( It was crazily cold!!! I was dying. I mean I’m tropical person and I spend winter night on top of mountain only using 3 layers of clothes. Good move, Tik. But I have them as company!! so I feel cold but warm inside :3 and happy :D

After walking downhill, there are a lot of people queuing because they want to see their new year prophecy. Me? want to sleep with heater on. So we head back home using the train. Train normally shuts down after 11 something, but since it’s new year they are operating until 3 am (if I’m not mistaken). Here you go a piece of the train ticket :)

First train ticket on 2016 :D
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