Thoughts on Resiliency

You got to get up and keep fighting. People will bring you down no matter what. But you can’t let them make you feel small. You got to keep telling yourself that greatness will be in your future. You keep pushing, you keep going, and whatever you do, do not stop.

I’m not saying ignore or push down the emotions but what you need to do is recognize the emotion, recognize your pain, and let it sit. Feel it, feel everything. Having feelings means that there is an opportunity for some sort of action that can be taken. But at that intense moment when you’re feeling that pain, view it as a pivotal point of action where you need to make a choice. You need to decide what you are going to do. Is this a moment for growth? Will you let the mean and nasty people win? Will you let them limit and crush you? Or will you focus on who truly matters which is you and your allies.

How are you going to fight this battle? Who’s on your team? You can’t do this alone. You need some type of support but who is going to be there for you and who wants to see you succeed.

Next, what is your plan? What are your moves and what is your consistent plan in order to achieve what you want to achieve? You will fall off the waggon but what is your strategy for getting back on. What are your strategies for dealing with the naysayers? What is your strategy for not letting them win? When dealing with naysayers, know how they act and what they say and what triggers them to be nasty.

In interactions with them, do you keep quiet in order for your own peace? Is saying something to speak up against them worth your time? And are your next words going to change thier mind? If your words are not going to change them in any way then I urge you to not waste your energy. Your brain and your energy are valuable resources and the naysayers do not deserve to have your valuable energy wasted on them.

I promise this won’t be easy. I promise that you’ll have ups and downs. I promise that your strength and resiliency will be tested and at that moment you got to make a choice because I promise that the end goal will be worth the battle. By the time you achieve your goal, these nasty and mean people won’t matter to you. Because you’ll be on top of the world and thriving.