MBBS in China | For Indian Students | Fee Structure | Eligibility

MBBS In China For Indian Students:

China has reached great heights in Medical Education. Many domestic and international students prefer China for pursuing their medical degrees. It provides the best quality education in a very affordable fee structure. Indian Students pursuing MBBS degree in China are eligible for MCI Screening Test. China has many colleges/universities which are recognized by MCI and WHO. It provides a global degree with worldwide acceptance.

The government has offered around 49 universities in China who can accept International students. Students can select a University in a place where the temperature is favorable. Comparing to Russia and Ukraine, English is spoken more in China. They provide well-equipped hospitals associated with universities where there is practical approach right from the beginning. It provides a greater safety for female students comparing to other countries.

Eligibility Criteria For MBBS In China:

Students should have scored at least 50% in their physics, chemistry, and biology. Students under reserved categories should have got minimum 40% in the above-mentioned subjects. The candidate should have an Indian Nationality.

No common entrance test is required to get admissions in the colleges/universities of China.

MBBS Course Duration In China:

The course duration in China for MBBS is as same as in India. It includes 4.5/5 years and 1 year of internship. This 1-year internship can be done either in India or China.

The MBBS course in China is divided into 9 semesters. In the first 6 semesters, the students learn the basic clinical knowledge. The last 3 semesters are for clinical rotations where the student undergoes clinical/practical knowledge.

The curriculum of the course is segregated into three divisions. Subjects related to Basic medicine like Anatomy, Biochemistry, Pathology, Pharmacology and Physiology are been taught in the first division. The second division deals with Preventive Medicine and different Scientific Research Methods and the Third division includes Clinical medicine, where students gain knowledge and develop their skill in Diagnosis, Ophthalmology, Surgery, Dermatology, Venereology, Psychology, Psychiatry, Pediatrics and other such studies.

Fee Structure For MBBS In China:

Fee Structures for pursuing MBBS from any country or any universities differs and depends on their own way. However, in China, it is very much less and affordable while comparing to other countries.

Some Of The Best Colleges/Universities Of China:

1. Capital Medical University

2. China Medical University

3. Chongqing Medical University

4. Dalian Medical University

5. Fudan University

6. Guangxi Medical University

7. Huazhong University Of Science & Technology

8. Jiangsu University

9. Jilin University

10. Tonji University

It’s a great opportunity to pursue your MBBS degree from a country like China where you can find a suitable fee structure, climate, quality education, language, well-furnished hostels, and much more.