A Minute with EPNS - Week #39

✈️ Channel Discovery, Governance, Chrome Extension and more! A round-up of EPNS news in less than a minute!

✅Progressive Decentralized Governance is coming soon. Deploying governance tools and rules.

✅YAM channel QA in progress.

✅Showrunners framework plug and play version enters QA.

✅Working on Channel Discovery features.

✅Android app lazy loading of notification completed, now in Android Appstore.

✅Working on improvements for the Chrome Browser Extension (Alpha)

✅Advisor: Thrilled to announce that Sandeep Nailwal, Co-founder of Polygon will be joining EPNS as Advisor.

✅Super excited to announce our pilot collabs with Snapshot, TrueFi,Oasis.app and Boardroom.

✅Our founder Harsh Rajat will be giving a talk about ‘Game Theory in DeFi’ during EthCC. Woohoo!

✅AMA: Just finished an AMA with Tascha, Co-founder of Alpha Finance on our EPNS telegram. Fantastic response from the community! 💪

✅Rockstars of Ethereum: Latest episode with Matthew Gould from Unstoppable Web 🎙️ is out.

✅EPNS ends H1 with 25 collaborations and $118m volume on Uniswap.

✅Meet our week-12 ROCKSTAR Community NFT drop winner - @AbhiCryptoMedia (twitter username)

✅Checkout this 3 part series of videos on EPNS PUSH Tokens, made by one of our community members.

Read more: https://epns.substack.com/p/4a55a8ab-e034-48e5-9c2f-92ab3aecd41a

Spread the word: https://twitter.com/epnsproject/status/1416112254106447872

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