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Some words from the journey

Its not the comfort that you exercise that brings the real joy , but indeed it's the people with whom you share the journey

We started our journey with duronto in 3rd ac. It was 36hr journey with living life like food size. Every time you wakeup , you get a person asking for food and that to free of cost.

In contrast to the return journey where as it was 48 hrs non ac and full summer still it was like the best bcz we were now knowing each other , people joining us where also welcoming , plus there was not a moment where people can sleep so instead they started finding ways to pass their time leading to collaboration ummatchable .

Learning - To make people work together it is needed for them , they spend time with each other . Start to know each other .Empathize with each other , and then you see how people enjoy their work more than, what it could be .

Learning - if you are not doing thing that you want to . Start doing it or start preparing for it . Bcz you are born to be free nobody has an upper will on you