Initiating Changes in Utkrashta School

Change takes a long way

It was when the assembly was starting I reached

GUPS Pithaula Gaun

  • With assembly proceeding the way it always happen in buhana block, nothing new.
  • With the new people in school, upon asking I came to know that government has asked B.Ed college student to take lessons till march 2017.
  • I planned to take the 5 component (assembly, library, balsansad , staff meeting , learning environment) to another level by conducting a staff meeting …bt no teachers headed the meeting.
  • So moulding the plan and took teachers to come and access the B.ed student with their major points.
  • Access class teaching for 4 student from eyes of teachers and thereafter had lunch .
  • Conducted staff meeting concluding the inputs and need to access .
  • Played with kids in Bal samaroh program.