Let us Ponder

Its a general belief that whenever any event or program is goint to start at so and so time ,by listening this what’s 1 st thing came to our mind or whenever we are moving late to the event what goes on in our mind ?

The event is not going to start at right time . Right ?

Have we even wondered or even gave a thought about people who come on time and wait for others so that the event can be started . It’s us who have wasted not our but other people time .

What’s the moto of the Armed forces ?
Right Time, Right Place, Right Dress

Let every kind being start follow this .

How can some small wishes can bring enjoyment to some one life ?

Here is an attempt to it .

Our Aunty who cook delicious food for us .His son bday celebration with us give us a chance to enjoy another cake . Happy Brthday Chandu .