Sustainability Model in CRT school

· This was our CRT school which indeed I think that time I lack some capability that I was not able to convince HM to build a library in it .

· Before coming to this school , previously I took time to make the necessary commitment to make it .

· The condition was same as no work was done as committed by school staff . I was sure enough to make the library involving Kids ,Teachers and not alone as this was my mistake before , which ultimately question accountability .

· Muskan and kids helped to clean the room , I started sorting the books .

· After an hour Saroj ji came and asked me how she could help me . With her support we shifted the books to a new room with computer already there in rooms.

· Than HM came and asked if staff meeting can be done ,with some pointers already in minds

Library +computer
Bal sabha

· A heathy discussion took place with initially less people speaking but at last what was the good part was HM started taking responsibility and other teachers noded yes to help saroj ji and promised to take responsibility to take class to library and gave them books

· With one new input of starting computer classes to teachers (which will be given by Kiran and saroj ji ) or otherwise kids .

· The library contain 800+ books.

· Gave inputs to HM + PTI teachers on CCE. And give some blackmailing about not doing his work on CCE and how important his ‘ABHIMAT’ credifies his repo .

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