Just Run!

“I see Clark, He is stronger and faster, like a God, I can’t beat him!” I murmured to myself.
They say I’m the fastest man alive. I’m on my last lap and no hope to win. A few moments from now everything will change. I’ll lose my glory, putting my country to shame!
I feel my legacy dying off as I close my eyes.

This is strange. I’m running on a hill and I see a light. A light ahead and a light behind. I see someone as it gets more bright.

“Barry, My son!”
“I’ve lost Mom, I can’t outrun him”
“Hey, remember when I got you your first running shoes. You were 9 then and you ran all day naked around our house”, she giggled.
I forgot I was in a race, I actually remember that day. She was so happy to see me run, she didn’t stopped me, instead she cheered.

I look through the light behind, I can see all my wins. I can’t stay here, I have to go back.
she was smiling at me and I wish if I could just stay here with her, but I have to go back.

I see Clark and I can beat him.
I hear a voice inside me. It’s my Mom, She is cheering me like she did that day!
“Run Barry, run!”