GSSoC’18 : My first adventure into Open Source

This summer I’ve had the opportunity to get myself involved in open source and hone my programming skills through GirlscriptSummerOfCode.

What is GirlScripSummerOfCode?

It is a three month long open source program organised by Girlscript India that allows students across the country to contribute and get mentored for various open source projects.

Know more at : .

There were 4 different types of issues for each project with varying difficulty.

Cakewalk — 10 points

Intermediate — 20 points

Pro — 30 points

Topcoder — 50 points

Various projects included in this program are listed here : .

Travel Mate :

This is the project that I contributed to. It’s an android app that provides solutions for every possible problem a traveller might face during the course of his or her entire journey. The app provides users with various features from choosing the correct destination to making all the bookings and to easily organising the trip.

Have a look at it here :

Contribution Period :

The contribution period began on 23rd June and I started it out a week later. The very first that I sent was for a topcoder issue on 30th June. It took me a while to complete the issue and it took even more time to get the PR merged. After having it merged, I was motivated and began solving more issues. After first evaluations, I was ranked 4th in the project which was disappointing but I did not lose hope. After final evaluations, I stand at 2nd position. Yay!

This experience did not just improve my technical skills but also taught me how to write clean and understandable code. I learnt how to write comments precisely. I also had to face challenges — managing my time, resisting to give up when stuck on an issue, overcoming hesitation while asking for help from the community and many more. My mentors definitely need a special mention because they helped me a lot in facing these challenges effectively. They were always very helpful and made sure that contributors were comfortable enough to send and update their PRs. So, a heartfelt thank you to Swati and Rajat for mentoring us and supporting us all through out the program.

You can check my work here :

Final Words : 
At last, I would like to thank GirlScript for organising this program. The experience that I’ve gained in these 3 months has been one of a kind. This summer has been very productive and I’m glad that there are people who are working so hard to make beginners like me enjoy and compete in a healthy manner to make ourselves comfortable with open source and technology in general. Thank you GirlScript! Your work truly resonates with your mission.

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