I Prefer Calling & Hanging Up

Hey, what’s up?

Nothing much, where are you? Are you free?

Yes, why?

Just. Okay, bye.


In reality, we were like how it is described in the books ~ raw, limitless, unstoppable, pure and powerful. Also, we were just the opposite when it was over calls, texts or those incomplete, unarrived at but wanting rendezvous.

#Flashback It has been quite a while, since you had stirred up a little space in my nucleus which was irresistible to be okay with not having you around. You were vital for my emotional synthesis. Little did I know, you and I were only wanting to let free of those boundaries and be limitless for our esse.

As we figured we had different motives, we drifted apart to know how much could it take for us to fall back together or just leave it right there. It felt like a very amateur hypnosis worked upon us as we could not really let go of the energy we had. It was magnetic. Weak but existing.

Today, the ‘existing’ is doing its part of keeping a poise harmony ~ but actually, the ‘weak’ just wants to be an enduring jangle.


What can I say when he is like a blank call on somedays and an endless thought on others. You just let it flow through you one at a time until you know which is your call to take.