Don’t worry, Breathe.

I have this weird thing happening to me either when I’m too happy or too anxious — like I need more air around me to unequivocally absorb the feeling. When I just don’t understand whether to tighten my muscles or loosen ‘em up. Overwhelming impulse. It’s like feeling too much energy abruptly but you cannot do anything about it. More like a blank panic.

Do you ever feel the same? “Don’t worry, Breathe.” A friend of mine once told me this and it has this subtle way of calming your hyperactive hormones. It works but only when you hear it from someone you trust — could be mom, dad, your prankish sibling, a close friend or just your workmate sitting on your left. Always remember — your loved ones will not message you everyday but they want you to know that they are just a text or a call away. You need them, do it now.

There are ways to reset your mind, body and soul. Nature. Sounds dumb? Not really. So… what is your life background? Your go-to spot? Which place makes you feel that you should switch off, go bare feet and enjoy the silence? Its the coconut trees, clear sky, leaves, breeze, sunshine and soft sand for me. You know, sometimes spending time with nature makes you much happier than on back-to-back calls. The whole, real set up makes you believe in soaking up diversity. Your universal presence will let you observe the little orange leaf amongst the green ones, the thicker tree amongst the skinny ones or the broken seashell amongst the rest. How beautiful! Beautiful, right? Not fat, skinny, odd or even. This magnitude of thought speaks to us in various volumes and lengths.

Break free from the hours, minutes and seconds. Empower your body to feel a natural rhythm and surrender to comfort. It will palpably leave you grasping for more. Aaand always call to mind that the things that make you happier, excited or peaceful are not just random — they are connected to your soul.

Slow down, get comfy and feel happy ❤

PS. Thanks, Friend xo