Tall, Dark & Um…?

“Well Groomed” is the word.

Please stop complaining about your testosterone flying high and making an appearance on your face, men! It is a lot more to do than only hair. Let’s avoid razor-ing concerns and hair cutting issues. We need to get something straight — manicures, pedicures, makeup or hygiene is a regimen as much for men as for women.

There are men out there who will go places to find the apt wash for their skin and some who would not spend more than 20 seconds before stuffing the basket with toiletries. Of course, you will not like to spend an extravagant interval but half an hour daily is not tough. Trust me, unkemptness is not impelling.

Are you confused, misinformed, unenlightened or just lazy? Master the art of tuning your bod to be accustomed to healthful living.

  1. Check your nails. Toes too. Are they snipped and stropped? No? Then book yourself an appointment for a mani-pedi. Still don’t understand? Imagine your nails on a woman! Appealing? Disgusting? Criticise. Now you know what’s to be done.
  2. Google an infographic on black heads, white heads and other skin problems. If your skin is oily, what areas does it expo the most? Nose/chin or cheeks/forehead? You can figure out which type of face wash is better.
  3. Cleansing and scrubbing is key as your skin needs to breathe — Calvin Klein is a winner. Avoid alcohol based products, though.
  4. Your body needs to be moisturised right after a warm cleanse.
  5. You are a PG student, a part time employee or an entrepreneur — it is time to give up partying four times a week and have 4 am to 8 am sleep rotations. The HGH (human growth hormone) needs to be produced so that the skin’s elasticity is maintained. I mean, you don’t want a two toned colour or wrinkly eye bags by the time you are thirty? Right? Sleep well.
  6. Be active. If you have to sit on the office chair for about six hours a day, then you need to go running (45 minutes) or buy yourself a manual cycle (an hour) or do Surya Namaskars at home (100 minimum) every day. Replace sugar with honey and oil with ghee. Consume half — cooked green vegetables with moderate spice and less salt. This will reverse the skin ageing process.
  7. Fruits. All kinds of fruits — be it all year round or seasonal. Cut, chopped, sliced or juiced. Super important ones: tomatoes, strawberries, pomegranates, watermelons, papayas, red currents, kiwis, chickoos, guavas, custard apples and the list goes on. Just don’t give an excuse that the vendor did not have enough options.
  8. Alcohol intake. Make it a habit to drink a minimum of two glasses of warm water for each glass of liquor. Cigarettes? Tobacco? I’m sorry, can’t help you there.
  9. Vaseline. Use Vaseline or some kind of transparent chapstick for your lips, please.
  10. If you like to go an extra mile - you can trim your brows, conceal your dark circles or use a foundation (YouTube it, guys!)

Break a leg! xoxo