How I made my first $$$ from finding a bug in Facebook

Aayush Pokhrel
Aug 21, 2019 · 2 min read

One day I decided to search bug in Facebook and i choose Facebook lite application to find bug and after some hours i got one small issues in Facebook lite application. The issue was admin can’t delete conversation of users using Facebook lite who send message in there page. First i thought this is not security bug later i thought that this is really a privacy related bug because admin and users can talk there private stuffs in page. If admin can’t delete that conversation then this is really a security bug in Facebook lite, So i report to Facebook and got rewarded from Facebook.

Vulnerability Type: Privacy / Authorization

Product Area: Android

Title: “Conversation can’t be delete of user in page using Facebook lite”

Vulnerability Description:

An admin can’t delete the conversation of user using Facebook lite.

Impact of the Vulnerability:

Everyone need privacy and this is not maintain in Facebook lite admin can not delete the conversation of user. (epic impact) :D :D

Steps I proceed to reproduce this issue:

  1. Login user A (normal user) from one device,

2) Login user B in Facebook lite ( page admin )from another device,

3)Send message to user B (page admin),

4) user B will get notification in Facebook lite,

5) and user B open that chat and try to delete that conversation but it will show error.

Image for post
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Initial Report:- July 12,2019

Reproduce:- July 16,2019

Triaged:- July 17,2019

Fixed:-July 29,2019

Fixed Confirmed:- July 29,2019

Awarded($$$):- August 15,2019

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