Everyone wants growth in their business but sometimes it is not possible due to lack money. Small startups or company can’t afford to create their own infrastructure. So in that case virtual network comes into the picture.

So one question may come into your mind that what is this ‘Virtual Network’.

A virtual infrastructure is a software-based IT infrastructure being hosted on another physical infrastructure and meant to be distributed as a service as in cloud computing’s infrastructure as a service (IaaS) delivery model. …

In today’s tech world google is one of the tech giant. There growth rate is increasing day by day. The main reason of all this is products provided by them , google providing products like YouTube ,Google meet ,Google drive, Chrome and many more. Over 1Billion people actively uses these products daily.

But how google manage all their product so efficiently?? Cloud computing is the answer. What would happen if google had not switch to Cloud?

Then today, there will be another tech company instead of Google. Because of all the following issues

No one knows what will happen tomorrow…

Netflix image

Whenever it comes to binge- watching Netflix comes in mind first. And it’s so obvious because there are several reasons for that

  1. Flawless streaming
  2. Recommendation system used by Netflix
  3. You can download favorite shows on iOS ,android phones

So question arises in mind that how all these things works so efficiently? Don’t worry this article will help you out !

Netflix has over the past few years, migrated from data-center environment to cloud-based setup located in Amazon Web Services infrastructure. Netflix uses AWS for storage need ,recommendation engine,analytics and for many more functionalities.

Why AWS ?

Aayush shah

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