Build confidence and Destroy fear

Recently I have been reading the book, ‘The Magic of Thinking Big’ by David J. Schwartz and I found the book to be be very insightful. The author has done a commendable job when it comes to defining some of the most important life skills that most people lack. This post focuses on one of such skills i.e building confidence.

Fear, uncertainty, lack of confidence explains why we have economic recessions. Lack of confidence stops us from being proactive, and fear and uncertainty powers to further depreciate confidence. But, one of the good things that we know is confidence is not something that people are born with, instead it is something that is acquired and developed. To gain confidence one needs to cut down the factors that reinforces its negative i.e Fear. Action cures fear whereas indecision and postponement act as the fertilizer to the fear. Strive to find the actionable items that work to suppress the fear and you will eventually figure out that you have developed this new superpower called Confidence.

Another confidence booster can be developing the habit of positive thinking. Everyone faces plenty of embarrassing, discouraging and unpleasant situations but successful people don’t give it a thought whereas unsuccessful people take it to the heart. You have to stop working your mind around what has gone bad and take it to a whole new journey of what good can come out of this. There is this simple technique to enable positive thinking in the book which says that you should try and deposit only positive thoughts in your mind and be thankful to people around you. Recall the good things you saw people do today and also make a note of your small victories and accomplishments.

Following are a few more practices that will help you build confidence:-

  1. Whenever you are angry or in fear remember to bring a smile on your face because that is a difficult thing to do. Harness the power of smiling.
  2. Try to put people in perspective, people are much more alike than they are different.
  3. Practice doing what your conscience tells you is right because this prevents a poisonous guilt complex from developing.
  4. Make eye contact and speak up
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