How to win an Argument?

Day in day out, we tend to indulge in an argument or two with our peers. Recently, I started keeping track of the number of times I got into an argument and astonishingly, I found the number to be way high than I could possibly imagine. This made me question as to what measures can be taken to win an argument. During my bootcamp at Go-Jek, I was told about a few techniques that can be followed to have an upper hand in the argument.

  1. Base your argument on logic — When you are able to make convincing arguments based upon proven facts and logic and are able to explain the logic in the easiest way possible (which shows that you have clear concepts) then there is high probablity that the opponent may buy your argument. Avoid abstraction as much as possible and most of all avoid avoid attacking a strawman.

2. Listen to your opponent carefully — The only way to win an argument is if you are able to judge how your opponent thinks or approaches the problem, so that you can hit the target spot on. This can be achieved only if you listen carefully and find out the weakest link in your opponent’s argument which you can use as a shoulder to fire your arguments.

3. Try to be right rather than win — It is important that you choose to be right rather than focusing on winning the argument. Winning is like the by-product of being right. This also builds your credibility and people tend to sway towards your opinion easily once you have build that credibility. And, mind it, even if you present one weak link for your opponent to anchor upon, they are going to rip apart all your arguments basing it upon your one wrong selection.

4. Counter your own points — To shield your arguments is human nature. This creates a bias in our minds which blocks our ability to fairly judge our opponents point. In this case, try to prove yourself wrong. Change your side and try to give out the negatives of your argument. Whichever side you wish to pick after this analysis, you will be sure that you have thoroughly considered each and every aspect of the argument and in turn you will end up following Point 3.

Enjoy arguing but most importantly learn to lose in an argument gracefully.

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